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Sunday, 18 June 2017

5 Heroes Who Got Their Butts Kicked By Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is currently kicking some serious butt at the worldwide box office. However, the iconic DC heroine has been throwing down for years, and she's even taken down a few of her fellow do-gooders in the process. Here are five DC heroes who've had their hindquarters handed to them by the Amazonian princess...

#1 - Batman - In Greg Rucka's The Hiketeia, Diana swears an ancient oath to protect a young girl who has murdered those responsible for kidnapping her sister. This puts the woman right in the path of The Dark Knight, but he soon learns that Diana takes her oaths very seriously. Batman goes toe-to-toe with the Amazon and ends up getting himself punched right out of a building for his trouble. In the end, Gotham's Caped Crusader has no choice left but to turn tail and run away.

#2 - Green Lantern - Oh, Hal! You chauvinistic bastard! In the pages of Justice League #11, the Green Lantern of Earth attempts to stop Diana from running off to rescue Steve Trevor. This results in the pilot getting punched into a car, and the rest of the Justice League intervening before Wonder Woman can turn Hal Jordan into a puddle if green mush. And, as the image below showcases, even Green Lantern constructs are no match for the Amazonian princess.

#3 - Huntress - When Wonder Woman decides to side with Superman in the pages of the Injustice tie-in comic book, several of her friends decide to challenge her choice. In the resulting brawl, Diana misjudges her own strength and ends up killing Huntress, snapping her friend's neck using her trusty Lasso Of Truth. Batgirl, Catwoman and Batwoman witness the murder before Kate jumps in and attempts to avenge her friend. While she gains the upper hand, Kate restrains herself at the last moment, refusing to kill Diana despite her actions.

#4 - Power Girl - Prior to the New 52 reboot, Wonder Woman took on one of the few heroes within the DC Universe she considers to be her equal. Power Girl is essentially Supergirl from an alternate universe, and when a group of baddies send her after the Amazonian princess, Wonder Woman is forced to throw down. When Diana finds herself punched clear to Canada, her warrior sprit awakens and she charges into battle, ready to prove why the Amazons are the Queens Of Combat.

#5 - Superman - Heading back into the pages of the Injustice comic, our final fight sees Wonder Woman taking on The Man Of Steel. While the pair are evenly matched at the beginning, it is Superman's evident compassion that ends up costing him the match. In a moment of weakness, Diana gets the opportunity to strike, gouging out Superman's eyes and attacking him while blind. Diana's warrior sprit comes through as never before with the Last Son of Krypton learning that, at least in this case, compassion can spell one's end in combat.

In short, you'd better be careful if you're looking to take on Diana Prince.

She may be a beacon of peace and hope in a darkened world, a warrior for justice and right, but if you're looking to stand in her way, you're going to get hurt!

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!

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