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Monday, 5 June 2017

Advanced Review - Predator: Hunters #2

This week, the events of Predator: Hunters continue with a brand new issue.

Picking up shortly after the end of the debut issue, Predator: Hunters #2 introduces readers to another classic character in the form of Mandy Graves. Known for being the sole survivor of a Black Ops. group that tangled with a Yautja in the pages of Predator: Bad Blood, Graves throws off some serious Ivan Drago vibes as she prepares to once again tangle with the creature that took her hand. She eventually is revealed to be a member of the same group that employed Enoch Nakai last month, and a woman who is more than capable of handling herself despite her handicap.

With her group of hunters fully assembled on a boat headed for a remote island chain in the South Pacific, the mysterious Jaya Soames takes time to fill the group in on an incident that occurred weeks prior involving three fishermen shipwrecked on a seemingly deserted island. It is on this island that the three individuals find themselves fighting for their very survival against a beastly Predator.

It is this very creature that the team will be hunting.

Remembering his last experience with one of the creatures, Enoch voices his concern that they may be unprepared for what awaits them within the depths of the jungle canopy - however, Jaya soon puts those concerns to rest when she reveals that her group is carrying enough firepower to level a small city. And not all of it was forged from earthly materials.

The issue concludes with the group setting sail for the South Pacific under the guise of a scientific expedition, with Enoch vowing to be in fighting shape by the time they drop anchor. However, their prey is also preparing for war... and he's not alone!

Once again, Chris Warner and Francisco Ruiz Velasco know what they're doing here.

Issue #2 takes the next logical step in the progression of the story with a few more pieces of the puzzle falling into place for the reader, while the unavoidable conflict between the galaxy's greatest predators draws ever closer.

The next issue can't come fast enough!

Rating: 4/5 - "A few more pieces of the puzzle fall into place for the reader as both sides prepare for an unavoidable conflict involving the galaxy's deadliest predators."

Predator: Hunters #2 hits newsstands on June 7th.

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!

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