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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Chronicle Collectibles Announces New Stargate Busts

Chronicle Collectibles have announced two brand new busts from the1994 sci-fi film Stargate.

Originally teased back at the beginning of the year, fans will soon have an opportunity to add two very impressive pieces to their collections in the form of 1/2 scale busts of both Anubis and Horus.  You can check out all the details you'll need posted below...

Pre-Order Announcement

1:2 Horus and 1:2 Anubis

$750 Each or $1200 for the pair. You can only get the discounted pair if you order direct.
Each piece will be individually numbered and come on the Giza Pyramid base with lighted eyes.
10 Month payment plans apply to all purchase options.

Anubis and Horus were both scanned from the original 1:1 helmets and printed at 1:2 scale. Every last detail is present in this offering. If the 1:1 were to large for your collection, the 1:2 bust series is the perfect scale.

Horus: 22" x 10"
Anubis: 24" x 10"

Pre-Order opens Friday 16th at 12 pm CST.


All we can say is Wow! We're huge fans of the original Stargate film, and its subsequent TV shows, so these beautiful pieces have gotten our attention in a very big way!

Both busts, for those who don't know, are based off of armored helmets worn by soldiers in the film - each based off of a god from Egyptian mythology.

Fans can expect both the Anubis and Horus busts to go up for pre-order this coming Friday. Priced at $750 each, and crafted in 1/2 scale, they're both sure to make striking additions to any movie memorabilia collection! 

Source: Chronicle Collectibles 

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