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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Everything Is Awesome With The LEGO Batman Blu-Ray

There is no doubt that people loved The LEGO Batman Movie. With a worldwide gross of over $310-Million and critics hailing it as one of the best Batman movies ever released, it will most likely get snatched up off store shelves by fans at an alarming rate.

For those who don't know, The LEGO Batman Movie follows Will Arnett's Brick Knight as he protects Gotham City from all manner of nefarious activity. During his latest mission to prevent The Joker from destroying the city, Batman ends up hurting the feelings of The Clown Prince Of Crime by revealing that he is not as important to The Caped Crusader as he thinks he is. Crushed, Joker returns to his lair with a cohort of villains to plot the ultimate revenge on his long-time nemesis.

The following day, under the guise of Bruce Wayne, Batman attends Gotham's annual winter gala and is shocked to discover that Barbara Gordon, now taking the place of her father as commissioner of the GCPD, is looking to institute a new plan that will see the city's police force restructured so as to function without the aid of Batman. Shortly afterwards the party is crashed by Joker and his pals, who proceed to promptly surrender to the police.

Suspecting the villain is up to something, Batman begins plotting to steal Superman's Phantom Zone projector - a device capable of banishing anyone to the Phantom Zone, a prison that houses some of the most dangerous villains from throughout the LEGO Multiverse. However, Alfred soon steps in and demands that he begin looking after Dick Grayson, a young orphan he inadvertently adopted during the winter gala. Despite numerous over-the-top protests, Batman agrees and begins mentoring young Dick as Robin. The pair then successfully steal the Phantom Zone projector from the Fortress Of Solitude, during a Justice League party, and head to Arkham to send Joker to the Phantom Zone. Realizing that the villain had been hoping to be sent there all along, Barbara intervenes and imprisons Batman and Robin for their reckless behavior.

The Phantom Zone projector is then stolen by Harley Quinn, who fled the gala before being arrested, and uses it to transport Joker and a cavalcade of pop culture baddies - including King Kong, Sauron, Gremlins, Daleks and Dinosaurs - back to Gotham.

Realizing that his city needs him, Barbara releases Batman and Robin and teams up with them and Alfred to stop The Joker's latest plot. During this latest mission, Batman begins to realize that he can trust his new teammates, but decides to send them away upon reaching Wayne Island so as not to risk losing them as he did his parents. Upon facing The Joker, Batman is zapped into the Phantom Zone, where he witnesses the harm that his selfishness has done. Coming to his senses, Batman makes a deal with Phyllis, gatekeeper of the Phantom Zone, and returns to Gotham to begin rounding up all the prison's escaped villains. He then reunites with his team, apologizes for his actions, and begs for their help in stopping Joker once and for all.  

Realizing that the villain is planning on using bombs to destroy the Gotham City Energy Plant, Batman turns Barbara into Batgirl and heads into battle with his team - which also includes Gotham's most famous villains, who've felt neglected by The Joker thanks to his latest plan. The team is successful in rounding up all the Phantom Zone prisoners, but are unable to prevent the bombs from going off at the energy plant. This causes the city to begin ripping apart.

Batman soon realizes that this was all his fault and he reluctantly informs Joker that that he is the true reason for being the hero he is, before they, their friends and allies, and the city's inhabitants, chain-link themselves together and pull the plates back together, saving the city.

With the city saved, Batman prepares to be taken back to the Phantom Zone, however he is rejected by Phyllis, who agrees to let him go after seeing how much he changed in order to save Gotham. He then agrees to let  Joker and the rest of his rogues gallery to temporarily escape, knowing that, when they meet again, they'll be no match for his new family.

The Blu-Ray version of The LEGO Batman Movie is crammed full of interesting extras for after the credits role. While the slipcase only mentions 4 new animated shorts, 4 deleted scenes and 6 featurettes, it also includes all of the original social media shorts, optional commentary tracks by director Chris McKay and leading man Will Arnett, and even a LEGO Ninjago short.

While there is no doubt that the movie is aimed at kids, there is plenty here for adults and Batman fans to enjoy! The film is littered with pop culture references and comes crammed with awesome little Easter Eggs spread throughout that diehard Batman fans are sure to get a real kick out of!

There's a near perfect balance present here at pleasing both adults and kids and, while it may not be the easiest thing to pull off, Warner Bros., DC Entertainment and Chris McKay have succeeded in pulling this off in a very big way!  The animation is smooth, the voice cast is all at the very top of their game and the plot is all kinds of fun straight from the get-go!

In short, whether you're a kid, teen, adult, Batman fan, comic fan, comedy fan, or pop culture nut, you're going to get a kick out of The LEGO Batman Movie. It's got plenty of laughs and fan service to keep everyone happy and proves that, even after three years, everything is still awesome!

The LEGO Batman Movie arrives on Blu-Ray and DVD today!

Special thanks to Tyler Robinson of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!
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