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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Funko Announces Their DC Comics SDCC Exclusives

Funko has announced their DC Comics based exclusives for San Diego Comic Con, and there's some pretty interesting and fun stuff that they're going to make available at the show this year.

First up, check out the Wonder Twins Pop! 3-pack! The classic Super Friends siblings, Zan and Jaya, will come packaged in this impressive set alongside their purple pet space monkey, Gleek.

But, that's not all they've got planned for Pop! collectors, not by a long shot!

Check out the Batman: The Animated Series Man-Bat, Blue Chrome Batman, Suicide Squad Joker Batman, Justice League Bruce Wayne and Aquaman with Motherbox, the retro Interplanetary Batman and the very impressive Ares from Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman...

Dorbz fans can get their hands on a pair of exciting multi-packs at the show this year, featuring Nightwing and Deathstroke, as well as movie versions of Wonder Woman and Ares.

And finally, Funko will also be releasing a ReAction exclusive this year in the form of a special Batmobile action figure colorway set.

Sure to be a big hit with fans of the 1960's era Caped Crusader, the set features a red version of the Batmobile and a Batman figure dressed in a very unique blue and green costume. Encased in some very eye-catching packaging, this set looks to embrace all the bright, colorful fun of the Adam West show - a very fitting exclusive given the iconic actor's passing last weekend.

The Batmobile set will be limited to 1,500 pieces.

Like we said above, Funko is bringing some pretty exciting DC Comics based exclusives to San Diego Comic Con this year, and we're sure fans will be eager to snatch them up!

San Diego Comic Con is being held from July 20th - 23rd.

Source: Funko

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