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Check out our Latest YouTube Videos!

Monday, 26 June 2017

Jar Jar Wants A Role In The Han Solo Movie

Last week was quite the active one for Star Wars fans!

The week kicked off with word that Phil Lord and Chris Miller had exited the Han Solo spinoff following creative differences with the studio. Then, a mere two days later, Lucasfilm had announced that they had found a replacement for The LEGO Movie duo with Ron Howard.

Now, in a brand new Funny Or Die clip, one fan expresses his excitement over the changes that have recently taken place, but offers one piece of advice - put Jar Jar Binks in the movie.

Check out the video posted in the player below...

"If you really want to turn this movie around, you have got to get Jar Jar in there, and not just a supporting role," he says. "Maybe it's a Jar Jar movie now."

Nice try, Jar Jar! Meesa don't think you've got a chance! 

Source: Funny Or Die

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