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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

WB CCO On The Future Of DC Films

In his first interview since his promotion, Toby Emmerich spoke with Variety about what the future holds for the DC Extended Universe following the commercial success of Wonder Woman.

"I don’t speak comic," Emmerich acknowledged, "I do feel like I speak motion pictures. I speak for an audience. I look and ask, ‘How does this work for a general audience?’"  

DC Films co-head Geoff Johns said of Emmerich, "He understands that when wea’re talking about the characters, we’re not just talking about what their powers are. We’re talking about who they are as people."

Switching gears to the success of Wonder Woman, Emmerich gives full credit to the recently appointed heads of DC Films, Geoff Johns and Jon Berg.

"The zeitgeist of the culture, in America and many parts of the world, were ready to embrace a female superhero.  I know that our competitors are going to look at the success of this movie.  People love to call Hollywood lemmings, and it’s not always unfair. I’m sure that plenty of producers and writers and studio executives are asking, ‘What the heck happened with Wonder Woman and how do we get in on that action?'" 

Warner Bros. has undergone its fair share of changes over the last year. Both  Geoff Johns and Jon Berg are now responsible for drawing up the map that is the DC Extended Universe. During this process, Johns reports to DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson, while Berg makes reports to Emmerich. Following this stage, both Nelson and Emmerich report to CEO Kevin Tsujihara.

Source: Variety 

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