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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Advanced Review - Aliens: Dead Orbit #3

Following the shocking conclusion from last month, Aliens: Dead Orbit returns with another terrifying issue that is sure to have you planted firmly on the edge of your seat!

Wascylewski awakens to find himself imprisoned in a cocoon while under the watchful eyes of a pair of vicious Xenomorphs - along with a few of their most recent victims. With time running out on the counter, our hero realizes that he must use any means at his disposal to escape with his life.

The third issue of this amazing series flashes back and forth between two different locations - the Alien hive keeping Wascylewski captive, and back on board the Sphachteria where the crew is forced to battle for their lives against a few of the acid-blooded assailants. It is here that writer James Stokoe is once again successful in crafting a tense chapter akin to Ridley Scott's original 1979 film, as Wascylewski and his shipmates are forced into a life-and-death situation against one of the cosmos' most deadliest creations. And, if that wasn't enough excitement for you, the tension ends up cranked all the way up to eleven once the third patient locked away in medical awakens and is horrified to discover that her friends were not as lucky as her.

In short, this is the issue that most feels like an Alien film.

The art within is dark and dirty, calling to mind imagery first seen in the original Alien film. The banter between Wascylewski and his shipmates is appropriate to the situation presented within this issue and the air of tension is present straight from the get-go - refusing to let you go - even come the events depicted on the final page!

Mr. Stoke, this issue was a near masterpiece, and we can't imagine what you're possibly going to be pulling out of your hat come issue #4!

Rating: 5/5 - "From the ever-present tension to the darkly depicted art, Aliens: Dead Orbit #3 cranks it up to eleven and succeeds in feeling just like an Alien film."

Aliens: Dead Orbit  #3 hits newsstands tomorrow!

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!

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