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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Advanced Review - Green Hornet '66 Meets The Spirit #1

Tomorrow, Dynamite Comics unleashes a brand new series on newsstands with Green Hornet '66 Meets The Spirit #1. The story sees Britt Reid and Kato heading to Central City for the 1966 World's Expo with a brand new super computer along for the ride. This machine is on the cutting edge of technology, able to foretell the outcome of numerous historical events simply by being fed select amounts of data. The computer is a huge hit, but one man in the audience wants to know one thing above all - will Central City ever see The Spirit again?

A masked marvel that has been missing since 1952, The Spirit is now needed within Central City more than ever before as crime is on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down. Thus, Britt feeds the required data into the computer and is shocked, along with those in attendance, to learn that the ex-cop is expected to resurface that very evening!
Following the events of the day, the Green Hornet and his faithful sidekick stop a group of thugs from stealing Britt Reed's super computer and, in the resulting tussle, Central City's masked man show's up intent on putting the Green Hornet and his pal behind bars - or so it would seem!

This first issue was an amazing start to, what is sure to be, an entertaining new series from Dynamite Comics. The art is sharp and beautiful, while the plot of the debut issue is crammed full of enough mystery and suspense to keep readers guessing right from the start.

In short, Fred Van Lente and Bob Q have crafted quite the engaging first chapter here, and we're very eager to see what they have planned moving forward!  

Whether you're a fan of the classic Green Hornet TV show, Will Eisner’s classic hero, or a good mystery set within a fascinating time in mankind's history, we highly recommend you snag this issue when it arrives on newsstands tomorrow!

Rating: 4/5 - "Fred Van Lente and Bob Q have started off this new series with a bang, cramming the debut issue with some beautiful art, and enough suspense to keep fans guessing right from the beginning."

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!

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