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Friday, 28 July 2017

Advanced Review - Predator: Hunters #4

Predator: Hunters is back next month with an exciting fourth issue that sees the battle transcend to a whole new level of terrifying. With the beast dead, the team assumes that the hunt is over - however, things soon take a pulse-pounding turn for the worse.

After pillaging the dead alien's camp and rescuing a human prisoner, the team prepares to return to the boat when they are suddenly beset upon by multiple Predators, each looking to secure the best trophy and claim the biggest kill. With the arrival of the creatures, the team is thrown into disarray and the body count slowly begins to rise.

It is during the fiasco that one member of the team panics and flees, looking for any means of escaping the hellish creatures. Leaving his teammates in the lurch, his actions cause more casualties for the humans, and see a crucial member of the hunt kidnapped and tortured by the monsters.

Ordered to retreat and return to the ship, the team pulls back and returns to the safety of their vessel to regroup and discuss their next move against the Predators. However, the rescued prisoner assures the team that they won't survive unless they head for home as soon as possible.

With the team still reeling from the attack, Jaya Soames asserts her authority and demands answers from the survivors as to why things fell apart as quickly as they did. In the resulting discussion, Swain breaks down and reveals a shocking truth about his first encounter with a Predator, while Mandy finally shares her dark hope for the conclusion of the mission with Enoch...

...just as the monsters begin closing in...

Issue #4 of Predator: Hunters is the best to date! The action doesn't quit from the moment you open it up as things quickly go from bad to worse for the team of hunters, and you're sure to be left in eager expectation of what's to come given how this issue concludes.

In short, the battle may be won, but the war is far from over!

Predator: Hunters #4 kicks things into high gear and hits the gas...hard!

Rating: 5/5 - "Secrets are revealed as the ultimate showdown inches ever closer. This issue hits the gas hard and takes the conflict between man and beast to a whole new level."

Predator: Hunters #4 hits newsstands on August 2nd.

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!

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