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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Black Lightning To Embrace Core Concepts Of Arrowverse

The DC TV Universe will be expanding next year with the inclusion of the Cress Williams led series Black Lightning. Cress will play Jefferson Pierce, a high school principal and former superhero who is forced to take up his old lifestyle after a violent gang endangers those closest to him.

While a promo image and trailer have already been released, Entertainment Weekly has just uncovered a whole lot of new information regarding the show - including a new image of the titular hero building his electrifying costume.

Williams spoke with the trade about the new show and assured them that it will employ the DC TV Universe concept regarding metahumans - even though it won't directly tie into the likes of Arrow, The Flash and other shows for the time being.

"The bare bones details are that he’s a metahuman, meaning he was born with these abilities, and discovered them as a child. He created, with the help of a friend, Black Lightning, and was fighting crime in his community for quite a few years before he hung it up for his family. As we pick up the story, he has hung up his suit for about nine years, and then circumstances cause him to pick it back up again."

He also went on to tease some of the powers his character will exhibit in the new show.

"We haven’t gotten into flight, which I’m really excited about eventually getting to that. He has the ability to have limited flight, and that’s the superpower I would love to have. He controls all things electrically based, along with martial arts and the hand-to-hand combat thing. Without getting into too much, there are things that the new suit provides that the old suit didn’t. It’ll be very fun, let’s put it that way."

Williams wrapped things up by discussing the possibility of including tech specialist Peter Gambi on the show - something that follows in the footsteps of the show's DC TV companions.

“We haven’t even touched on Gambi yet. Gambi is like a childhood friend who helps him design the suit and his mentor. We haven’t touched on him yet, so I’m excited to get into all of that."

Black Lightning takes his place in the DC TV Universe next season.

Until then, be sure to read up on the history of Jefferson Pierce in our latest Multiverse 101.

Source: Entertainment Weekly 

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