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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Dynamite Announces Shadow / Batman Sequel For Fall

Batman and The Shadow will be teaming up once again this Fall with a brand new crossover series from Dynamite and DC Comics! The Shadow/Batman pits the detectives against an ancient evil and serves as a sequel to the incredible Batman/Shadow story from earlier this year.

The new series will once again be penned by Steve Orlando, while Giovanni Timpano will handle the art. The book will see the heroes attempting to work together once again regardless of their opinions of one another - all in the name of saving the world, of course!

You can read the full synopsis for the new series posted below...

The World’s Greatest Mystery. The World’s Greatest Detective. They can barely stand each other, so how will they possibly deal with the World’s Greatest Evil? What legacy can two of the world’s most enduring icons of justice leave once they discover an ancient evil has been living inside the world they protect for centuries, attached to its heart. Can Batman and the Shadow save the world without killing it in the process?

While it is currently unclear which villains will feature in this follow-up tale, we're sure that Mr. Orlando is prepared to dig deep into the history of these classic characters in order to find the perfect adversaries. And here's hoping, should the sequel do as well as the first, that we'll eventually get an ongoing series centered around these two classic comic book characters!

The Shadow/Batman arrives on newsstands this October.

Source: Dynamite
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