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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Kara Takes Flight In Season 3 Trailer For Supergirl

The CW has released a brand new trailer for Season 3 of Supergirl. Showcased during the DC TV panel at San Diego Comic Con, the new trailer gives fans a taste of what's coming this Fall.

Check it out in the player below...

If that wasn't exciting enough, the network also announced that actress Calista Flockhart will be back in a recurring role as media mogul Cat Grant this season. Additionally, Adrian Pasdar, Carl Lumbly, Yael Grobglas, and Emma Tremblay have all joined the cast.

Pasdar will portray Morgan Edge, a ruthless real estate developer who'll find himself at odds with Lena Luthor. Justice League Unlimited vet Carl Lumbly will play M'yrnn J'onzz, the pacifist religious leader father of J'onn. Yael Grobglas will portray Psi, a psychic villain who is capable of using people's mind against them. And Emma Tremblay will play Ruby, a smart kid whose fascination with Supergirl lands her in some serious trouble.

Supergirl returns Monday, October 9th at 8pm.

Source: The CW Television Network

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