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Thursday, 6 July 2017

New Skull Island Promo Teases The MonsterVerse

Earlier this year, Kong: Skull Island began laying the groundwork for a brand new interconnected film franchise known as the MonsterVerse. Now, the film's official Twitter account has released a tantalizing little promo that hints at what's to come in the future.

Presented as a top secret government document from Monarch, the video features a few 'leaks' of classified information regarding the expedition to Skull Island as seen in the recent film, and a mysterious covert operation that sees the organization establishing a quarantine zone around an apparently dormant volcano in Isle de Mona in 1991.

Check out the brief video posted below...

A covert Monarch team established a quarantine zone around a dormant volcano in Isle de Mona, under the guise of environmental research. Over the coming years, what began as a small scientific outpost will expand to become a full containment facility around the mouth of the volcano.

So, why the emphasis on the Isle de Mona following the expedition to Skull Island? Is this perhaps a reference to the upcoming Godzilla sequel, which is set to feature the the villainous creature Rodan? Fans of the original 1956 film will recall that the irradiated Pteranodon is known for nesting on volcanoes, so perhaps Monarch was searching for the creature in the years leading up to 1991.

We can't say if this is indeed the case, but we'd be willing to bet that the document is teasing one of the new Kaiju set to debut in the Godzilla sequel in 2019. Either way, this is a rather ingenious little marketing campaign for the MonsterVerse, and it certainly has us excited for what's coming.

While we still have a few years to wait until the next Godzilla film, fans can re-visit Skull Island once again on July 18th when Kong: Skull Island arrives on home video.

Source: Kong: Skull Island

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