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Sunday, 9 July 2017

New Thor Pops Come From The Land Of Ice And Snow

The God Of Thunder will be back on the big screen this November in Thor: Ragnarok, but fans will be able to take their favorite characters home as early as this August, thanks to a new series of Pop! Vinyl figures from Funko.

Making up the first series of Thor: Ragnarok Pop! figures will be Thor, Loki, Hela, Heimdall, Valkyrie and a Gladiator version of the Hulk.


Funko will also be releasing some retailer exclusives throughout the line. These include a second Thor exclusive to Hot Topic, a Bruce Banner exclusive to Toys R Us, a second Hulk exclusive to Wal-Mart, a red hot Surtur exclusive to Target, along with a second version of Hela.

Marvel fans will have plenty of Thor: Ragnarok Pops to hunt down when this new assortment of stylized collectibles hits store shelves this coming August.

Which ones will you be picking up first?

Source: Funko

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