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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Review: Captain Canuck #1

Captain Canuck returns to newsstands today with a brand new first issue that sees Tom Evans having walked away from everything he once held dear.

Equilibrium, his brother Michael, even the mantle of Captain Canuck - all have been left behind for a simpler life on the reserve where he grew up as a boy.

However, it doesn't take long before his old life comes calling once again.

As an alien invasion commences in Toronto, Northguard comes looking for the one-time hero, seeking his assistance in dealing with this newest threat. However, Tom refuses, believing he is doing more good as Tom Evans than he ever did as Captain Canuck. As a show of good faith, Northguard presents Evans with an item from his past, but is forced to return to the battlefield once again, this time aided by fellow P.A.C.T. agent Crucible.

It is then that the action kicks into high gear! The duo of Northguard and Crucible land in Dundas Square and face the alien abomination head-on. However, they soon learn they are outmatched and the issue concludes with a shocking final panel that is sure to have fans reeling!

This first issue is a tremendous start to a new season of Captain Canuck. The action never stops, and the confrontation between Tom and Northguard is one of the best parts of the book - one peppered with sufficient action, beautiful art and appropriate dialogue that is clearly a means for the reader to see the human side of these costumed heroes.

As a backdrop to conflict in Toronto, fans are also treated to a look into the past of Tom Evans - including his life as a child, and a look at what he has been up to the months since leaving his former life behind. The book also contains a rather intriguing mystery surrounding Tom's father, one that we're definitely eager to explore in more depth as the series progresses.

In short, Kalman Andrasofszky, along with artists Emmanuelle Chateauneuf and Leonard Kirk have combined their talents to craft a truly exciting read that has us in eager expectation of what's next!

Rating: 5/5 - "Action, Adventure, Aliens. This one's got it all."

Captain Canuck #1 is in comic shops now! And we highly recommend you pick it up!

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!

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