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Friday, 28 July 2017

Shallow Water Creature Kickstarter Announced

Are you a fan of Sandy Collora? The visionary director behind the hit fan film Batman: Dead End recently successfully Kickstarted funding for a short film called Shallow Water. This classic style practical effects creature feature introduced fans to the terrifying Tiburonera, a race of aquatic monster intent on raising all sorts of trouble!

Now, Sandy has returned with another Kickstarter that we're betting plenty of action figure collectors out there will want to check out! This new campaign is for action figures of the Tiburonera - and boy, do they ever look cool! These figures will stand 6" tall, come fully articulated and feature an extreme level of detail and character specific accessories.

They are looking for $60,000 to bring these figures to life.

Check out all the details, and additional images, posted below...  

From the dark depths of the imagination of renowned Hollywood creature designer and filmmaker Sandy Collora, comes a lost tribe of reptilian prehistoric sea creatures called the Tiburonera– the SHARK HUNTERS!!!

The scale is basically your standard 6 inch action figure scale, the same as Mythic Legions. These figures are approximately 7.5 inches tall, depending on the way you position the head and the stance of the figure itself, but the actual monster– and by that I mean the creature suits used in the film, varied from 6′ 10″ to 7′ 5″ on set, depending on the actor, so in the 6 inch scale size, you have figures that are 7 inches ++ tall. So, for lack of a better term, it’s one inch to the foot.

Though one sculpture just like we did in the film for the creature suits, these aquatic, reptilian figures are available in 5 different color patterns to match the ones in the movie, plus a blank one, cast in either a light gray or off white, to create your own unique look! The head sculpture for the MONARCH however, is different to show the age and battle damage he’s sustained over the millennia…

Like we said above, these look really great and we're betting there are plenty of collectors out there who'd love to add a few of these monsters to their collections!

Be sure to pop on over to the project's official Kickstarter page for further details!

Source: Kickstarter
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