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Friday, 11 August 2017

B.P.R.D. Will Factor Into Hellboy Reboot

Hellboy is set to get some company when his new reboot hits the big screen.

Creator Mike Mignola has confirmed while speaking with Newsarama that the B.P.R.D. will also factor into the film when it hits the big screen.

"The B.P.R.D. figures into the movie. I don’t want to say who is and who isn’t in the movie," Mignola said.  "I think it’s fair to say, however, that the primary focus is Hellboy and not a B.P.R.D. team movie."

He then went on to discuss just how involved he is with the new movie in comparison to those that came before it saying, "I was super involved Guillermo del Toro’s movies way more than this one," said Mignola. "In those I worked in pre-production and I was on set a lot of the time. As time went on, he and I had different idea on what should happen."

"And this new movie, I don’t have much hands-on involvement," Mignola continued. "I’m not doing any concept art. I am doing consulting, but I think from day one in discussions about the look and feel of this new movie, the director seems to be very much closer to the tone of the vision I wanted it to be."

Newsarama then asked what the tone of the new film will be.

"Where Hellboy II: The Golden Army was a light fantasy film, this will be very much darker – close to a horror film," Mignola answered. "I’ve met some people doing pre-production, and I visit the person doing the creature effects. I’m very happy with what I’ve seen so far: I give them my two cents, then get out of the way. But I’m very happy they’re asking my opinion, and giving me opportunities to solve certain creative problems."

Hellyboy is expected in theaters in 2018.

Source: Newsarama

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