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Thursday, 3 August 2017

David Sandberg Teases Tone For His Shazam Movie

Last month, fans learned that Shazam would be the next DC Film to enter production.

Directed by David Sandberg, the flick focuses on Billy Batson, a young boy who transforms into Earth's mightiest mortal. Speaking with the Toronto Sun, Sandberg revealed what drew him to the project and how the tone will differ from the other DC Extended Universe movies.

"The big attraction for me with that character is the fact that every kid dreams of being Superman, right? I mean I certainly did, and (Billy Batson) is a kid that gets that chance," Sandberg said. "He gets to become the superhero. So it’ll be big with superpowers in a way. In terms of what people can expect, I think this will be one of the more fun or lighthearted movies so far in the DC universe. It certainly will be a departure."

Sandberg also took to his official Twitter account shortly after this interview was published to confirm that Shazam is indeed part of the DC Extended Universe - even though New Line will be distributing the film instead of Warner Bros. Studios.

While Shazam doesn't have an official release date yet, the studio is looking to get things moving on the project by January or February of 2018. Aquaman producer Peter Safran is also in talks to board the film with Sandberg as producer.

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Source: Toronto Sun

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