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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

No, Ben Affleck Has Not Signed For A Batman Trilogy

There has been a story floating around over the last week that has sent the Internet into a dizzying fervour - one that claims Ben Affleck has signed on for Matt Reeves' recently discussed Batman trilogy - which would culminate in a Batman Beyond film.

Well, after one too many emails regarding the story, we're here to finally inform all our fans and followers that the story is 100% not true.

It was last week that a South African fan site posted an article claiming that Ben Affleck had signed a new contract to appear in said trilogy, with the final film setting up the next phase of the DC Expanded Universe. However, this is a false story meant to do nothing more than generate clicks. After all, if Ben Affleck had in fact signed a new contract, wouldn't it make sense that the major Hollywood trades like Entertainment Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety would've picked up the story and run with it? However, this is not the case.

Additionally, said story was penned by someone calling themselves Edward Nigma, whom longtime Batman fans recognize as the alter ego of famed DC Comics foe, The Riddler.

Honestly, it's surprising that this story was ever picked up in the first place.

Usually, we don't even acknowledge articles like this, but you wouldn't believe the amount of emails and messages we got about the story from our readers. Some even went so far as to post the article over on our social media channels and become upset that we'd not covered such a 'major story.' Fact is, this is not a major story, it's a clickbait falsehood and nothing more.

Since we started Infinite Earths back in 2012, we've determined to maintain journalistic integrity from the very beginning. We use reputable sources for all our stories and are not in the habit of posting unfounded rumors. In short, you can trust all the content presented here at Infinite Earths, and we can assure you that this recent Ben Affleck story is untrue.

What we do know is that the actor will appear as the Caped Crusader in both Zack Snyder's Justice League and Matt Reeves The Batman. Additionally, Affleck finally put to rest rumors that he was leaving the Batman role while attending San Diego Comic Con.

Other than that, nothing is official at this time.

When news finally does break about Affleck's future within the DC Expanded Universe following The Batman, we'll be there to cover it - from a reputable source. Not from a South African fan site run by Edward Nigma.

We're sorry for the early morning rant, but we can't stand sites who generate false stories just to get clicks - is that really a nice way to treat your readers? We certainly don't think so.

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!

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