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Saturday, 9 September 2017

Review: Dynamite - The Librarians #1

Next week, Dynamite Comics unleashes a new series from Will Pfeifer and Rodney Buchemi.

Continuing the adventures of the hit TNT series, The Librarians sees Flynn, Cassandra and Eve finally getting a chance to enjoy a night out at a film festival. Growing up in the 1970's, Flynn found himself obsessed with the work of producer Sol Schick, the man behind such cheesy classic movies as Noah's Ark: Found At Last! and Quarry: Bigfoot! In fact, so enraptured by Schick's work was the young Flynn, that he credits it with getting him into his chosen profession.

However, things soon turn deadly when Schick is murdered right in front of his audience - with a piece apparently recovered from Noah's Ark. This sends the team across New York intent on solving the reason behind the producer's bizarre murder.

The trio briefly returns to the Library Annex to recruit teammate Ezekiel Jones, who aids Cassandra in breaking into the prison cell of Oscar Orville. This longtime Sol Schick was present on the night his friend was murdered, and the one responsible for ending the prolific producer's life. Cassandra and Ezekiel attempt to get some answers out of the aged narrator, but their efforts are all for not. Or, so they think.

Orville informs the duo that they should check out Schick's home for answers, which leads the team to a swanky, heavily secured penthouse in downtown New York. Ezekiel then puts his skills to use, bypassing the security system, and successfully gaining entrance to the residence. However, while it may appear completely deserted, Ezekiel soon discovers that he is not alone - but trapped in a dead man.a apartment with fearsome, primordial creatures straight out of one of his films!

If there's one thing we've learned, it's that Dynamite Comics knows how to put together the perfect creative teams to tell engaging adventure stories - and this fist issue of The Librarians is no exception. Will Pfeifer and Rodney Buchemi have combined their talents to craft an excellent first issue that fans of the award winning TNT series are sure to love! However, newcomers are also sure to find something to like here.

One part Fringe, one part Indiana Jones, The Librarians #1 is an engaging and fun-filled read that is sure to have you crying for more come those final pages.

Rating: 4/5 - "Fans and newcomers alike are sure to enjoy this premiere issue, which looks to take everything we love about the adventure genera and turn it up to 11."

The Librarians #1 arrives on newsstands Wednesday, September 13th.

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