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Check out our Latest YouTube Videos!

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

New Injustice 2 Trailer Announces The Atom

Injustice 2 continues to expand its roster of playable characters.

Today, a brand new announcement trailer has been released revealing the arrival of Dr. Ryan Choi, the fourth individual to take up the mantle of The Atom! Check out the trailer posted below...

Physics prodigy Ryan Choi took on the mantle of the Atom when his mentor — and original Atom —Ray Palmer mysteriously disappeared. Now armed with quantum shrinking technology, Ryan will use the subatomic power of the quantum bio-belt to seek out his lost friend and further the fight for justice. 

With Choi's bio mentioning that he is still on the hunt for Dr. Palmer, one can't help but wonder if we'll see the classic hero as an upcoming skin in a future DLC pack.

What do you think, Infinite Earths fans?

Source: Injustice

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