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Friday, 24 November 2017

Review: Chapterhouse - Agents Of P.A.C.T. #4

An organization crumbles, while one woman discovers what being a hero really means!

Following the shocking conclusion of the last issue, Agents Of P.A.C.T. continues and sees Redcoat confronting Director DesChamps over the secret side mission that almost got Kebec killed. Meanwhile, Agent Marla Ritchie finds herself trapped within a portal alongside the alien warrior Pharos. Grappling with the creature, Marla desperately tries to get a handle on the situation, but soon finds herself struggling with an unquenchable thirst to tap into the full extent of her powers despite the danger such action would pose to her and her allies.

Eventually, Marla and Pharos find themselves crash landing at Mr. Gold's fortress, with Director DesChamps ordering her to find cover before she is discovered. However, when you bring an extra terrestrial being along for the ride, that doesn't take long at all. Marla finds herself once again attempting to use her abilities to subdue Pharos - while fighting off the inclination to allow the gold to purge her impurity and take full control of her mind and body.

Marla struggles as the gold slowly begins to take over, coming dangerously close to killing Pharos in the process. Desperately, Director DesChamps attempts to aid her operative in regaining control, but it is not until one of her people is in danger of becoming fully possessed by the gold that Marla is finally able to gain the upper hand and push her desires aside. However, in the process of aiding her friend, Pharos is able to evade Marla and escape into another portal.

The issue then rejoins Redcoat as she delivers her resignation to Director DesChamps following her actions in the prevails issue. Feeling betrayed, Olivia leaves the organization behind and heads for Equilibrium to check up on a badly wounded Kebec - currently under the watch of Michael Evans. It is during this brief rendezvous that Redcoat makes an unexpected move.
Returning to the Québec headquarters of P.A.C.T., the issue concludes with Marla Ritchie contemplating the future if the organization, while finally assigning herself the superhero alter ego of Crucible - much to the approval of Director DesChamps. Who then proceeds to put her operative's mind at ease by revealing a new plan to help rebuild P.A.C.T. once again.
Agents Of P.A.C.T. #4 sees an organization on the very edge of collapse, led by a director who has lost sight of what their purpose in the world really is. However, with the future of two of it's top operatives in question, this realization may have come too late to save it.
Rating: 5/5 - "An organization crumbles, while one woman discovers that sometimes even superheroes have struggles to face."
Agents Of P.A.C.T. #4, another solid win for Chapterhouse Publishing, is on sale now wherever fine comic books are sold! Pick it up as soon as you possibly can!
And, if you're looking for more Chapterverse adventures, be sure to pop on over to the official Chapterhouse Publishing website.
Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!
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