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Saturday, 9 December 2017

Legends Of Tomorrow EP On Replacing Firestorm

Caution - Major Spoilers Follow!
We've known for a few months now that Victor Garber would be exiting DC's Legends Of Tomorrow before the mid-season break. However, when Franz Drameh's Jefferson Jackson also bowed out of the time-traveling team roster this past Tuesday, many began wondering who would replace Firestorm moving forward.
Fortunately, it doesn't look like those seats on the Waverider will be empty for too long.
Speaking with, series executive producer Marc Guggenheim revealed that an established Arrowvese character would be joining the crew in the very near future, however he was not permitted to reveal the character's identity just yet.
"We do have a plan for how to replace Firestorm on the bridge, and it's a really cool one. It's one we're very excited about. There' really like two empty chairs on the Waverider. So we do have a game plan. We've always had a game plan. I just can't talk about the game plan. The CW publicity will determine when we get to unleash that bit of news."

While we've yet to learn the identity of Firestorm's replacement m DC's Legends Of Tomorrow come the new year, fans have been tossing around numerous names over the last few weeks ranging from Kid Flash to John Constantine.

Who do you think will be joining the Waverider in 2018?

DC's Legends Of Tomorrow returns Monday, February 12th at 8pm, when it will begin rotating into that timeslot alongside Supergirl.

Source: via Heroic Hollywood

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