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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Review: Chapterhouse - The Pitiful Human-Lizard #16

Lucas Barrett heads to the stars!

Following a rather uneventful birthday dinner with his folks, the Pitiful Human-Lizard finds himself enjoying some Star Wars Monopoly with Beverly Brooks and her kids during Family Game Night - an evening that finds itself interrupted by the Divine Paladins Of Razma-Foon.

Thanks to some rather persistent begging and pleading, Lucas is allowed to join Beverly - who also happens to be the Paladin known as Mother Wonder - on her deep space adventure. After a quick trip through a wormhole, both heroes find themselves touching down at the Citadel of the Divine Paladins, where Beverly and Lucas are horrified to learn that someone is hunting down members of the galactic protectorate - and killing them. It is then that the briefing is interrupted by a distress call from the distant alien world of Gallormi.

Quickly, the Paladins mobilize and rush to aid the planet's inhabitants.

Upon their arrival, the group is met by a massive invasion force intent on destroying the planet. This forces the Paladins into an intense battle with an unknown foe. Eventually the heroes gain the upper hand, destroying ships and even subduing a prisoner in the process.

Following a violent firefight, the team returns to the Citadel of the Divine Paladins to question their prisoner as to who is killing off their people and why. Identified as a Daikottan, the alien delivers a chilling message of conquest - one that sees a civilization oppressed and refusing to acknowledge the godlike reputation surrounding the Divine Paladins. Now, the Daikottans are planning to rise up and eradicate the Divine Paladins by any means necessary.

Just as a second invasion force arrives over the Citadel.

Issue #16 of Jason Loo's The Pitiful Human-Lizard is downright mind-blowing! The new adventure takes Lucas Barrett away from fighting criminals on the streets of Toronto and launches him headlong into a brand new galactic adventure that is one part Green Lantern, one part Voltron - and we love every last second of it! Seriously, plucking the Pitiful Human-Lizard out of his element and dropping him smack in the middle of a violent alien invasion deep within the furthest reaches of space was genius - something sure to take the Chapterverse to new and exciting places!

We can't recommend this issue enough!

Rating: 5/5 - "One part Green Lantern, one part Voltron, Jason Loo launches Lucas Barrett headlong into an exciting galactic adventure the likes of which he's never seen!"

The Pitiful Human Lizard #16 is available now wherever fine comic books are sold!

And, if you're looking for more Chapterverse adventures, be sure to pop on over to the official Chapterhouse Publishing website.
Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!
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