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Monday, 15 January 2018

Review: Dynamite - The Librarians #3

Dynamite Comics returns readers to the annex this month with The Librarians #3.

Hot on the heels of the sudden abduction of prolific director Solomon Schick, Flynn, Eve and Ezekiel discover the shocking truth behind the mysteries they've been trying to uncover. Yet, this is nothing compared to what Sol and Cassandra are subjected to by Oscar Orville.

The high point of this issue comes when the producer reveals that he is a rather powerful magician from an alternate timeline - one where magic is plentiful and mankind finds itself living in a peaceful utopia free of fighting and warfare. Additionally, here Orville is the most successful director in the world, sent to our world by the authorities to observe and document its people.

While things start out well for Orville when he arrives here in the 1930's, in his absence, a coup of evil magicians arise and claim his world as their own. They then proceed to cut off Orville's abilities and decide to prep an invasion force to set upon our world.

Finally relieved at being able to reveal his secret, Oscar Orville attempts to wipe out the minds of Cassandra and Sol before sending them both back from whence they came. However, with his magical powers severely weakened, he is unsuccessful at accomplishing his task.

This allows Cassandra and Sol to recount their experience with the magician to the rest of the librarians - including the news that invaders from an alternate timeline are on the way!

In short, Librarians #3 is the most exciting issue of this new miniseries. Will Pfeifer and Rodney Buchemi have successfully dropped a massive bomb in the laps of their readers with a shocking truth surrounding the true identity of Oscar Orville, and teased an upcoming invasion of evil magicians that we can't wait to witness on the printed page!

Rating: 5/5 - "Rodney and Buchemi have dropped one of the craziest bombshells in recent memory here, and we are dying to witness the exciting conclusion!"

Librarians #3 hits newsstands on Wednesday, January 17th.

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