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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Review: Dynamite - The Librarians #4

The exciting final issue of The Librarians arrives on newsstands next month.

Will Pfeifer and Rodney Buchemi come together one final time to take readers on an exciting ride that sees evil wizards from an alternate timeline attacking major locations around the globe. This sends the Librarians into action as they desperately attempt to stop the invasion once and for all. This exciting fail issue from Dynamite Entertainment takes the team half way around the world to the location of Noah's Ark, where they'll find their salvation in the form of a group of imprisoned wizards who'll stand tall and face the threat head-on.

With the  very fate of our world hanging in the balance.

Meanwhile, the double-crossing Oscar Orville will soon learn that he's made a terrible mistake by siding with the forces of evil. Admirably, he'll attempt to right his wrong and stop his former allies, but when his link to the world if magical arts is severed, he'll be forced to return to the Librarians with his tail between his legs. However, just when things look there darkest, the forces of good will arrive on the scene to topple the evil wizards and their army of darkness for good.

The final issue of The Librarians will force you to suspend belief one final time as invaders from an alternate timeline attack major metropolis' across the globe.

It's exciting and magical and, while we found the whole thing just a tad more anticlimactic than we would've liked, the series was a nice change up for our regular reading and is something we're sure fans of the franchise will love. We genuinely hope it won't be too long before Dynamite Entertainment revisits the world of The Librarians yet again.

Rating: 3.5/5 - "While it was a tad anticlimactic for or tastes, the final issue of The Librarians was still plenty exciting. We hope Dynamite Entertainment will revisit the series again soon."

The Librarians #4 hits newsstands on Wednesday, March 7th.

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