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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Review: Dynamite - Xena #3

The journey to Athens continues this month in the pages of Xena #3.

Finally arriving at her destination, the issue begins with Xena seeking forgiveness in a local temple for her past actions. Meanwhile, Gabrielle decides to check out the local marketplace, only to find herself the victim of a pickpocket. While attempting to subdue the thief, Gabrielle eventually finds herself at the Temple of Eleos where Xena is surrounded by a company of Roman soldiers looking to bring her into custody. Thinking quickly, Gabrielle runs to her friend's aid and informs the Centurian in charge that this is in fact her sister Lila, a mentally ill girl who has been nothing but trouble to her parents since suffering a fever in her youth.

With the soldiers still in need of convincing, Gabrielle goes on to inform them that she has pulled similar stunts like this in the past and that her apparent Xena persona is nothing more than a passing fantasy of a sickened mind. Convinced, the soldiers let them go, with Xena later begrudgingly thanking Gabrielle for what she did - even though the Warrior Princess is convinced she had everything under control regardless of how the situation looked.

They eventually make their way to a local tavern where Xena makes sure that her former followers won't be forming a mutiny against her anytime soon. While this is going on, Gabrielle, waiting outside, is kidnapped and taken to the port of Athens. Xena, leaving her former followers broken and battered, eventually runs into Jax, who hands her a letter before disappearing into the blackness of night - a letter that assures Xena that she now knows how it feels to have someone she cares about snatched away from her.

The issue concludes with Gabrielle waking up in the haul of an unknown ship - that also happens to contain her sister, the real Lila.

The latest issue of Xena is as fun as one could expect and has us wishing for the return of the iconic 90's TV show. Never have we found ourselves so engrossed in a comic such as this, and as we close another exciting issue, we find ourselves more than a little eager to continue Xena's latest ancient world adventure.

Like we've said in the past, if you're a fan of the classic Xena television series, you need to be reading this new series from Dynamite Entertainment. If that Xena reboot ever gets off the ground, here's hoping that the powers that be look to Meredith Finch to craft a new line of adventures featuring everyone's favorite Warrior Princess! Three issues in and she's proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she knows a thing or two about the world of Xena and what made it so special to fans for so many years.

Rating: 5/5 - "Three issues in and Meredith Finch is on a roll with a series that embraces everything fans loved about the iconic 90's television show."

Xena #3 arrives on newsstands Wednesday, April 18th.

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