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Saturday, 2 June 2018

Review: Chapterhouse - Captain Canuck #3

Cap Is Back!

Recruited by P.A.C.T., Tom Evans finds himself thrust into battle against the deadly alien menace known as Pharos. Leaping from a plane high above the city, Captain Canuck moves to intercept the creature before further damage can be done- and before further lives are lost.

Meanwhile, vengeful brother Michael Evans plans to infiltrate HALO by crashing an upscale gala hosted by Saskia Ried. However, Red Coat tries to discourage his plan, suggesting that they use their time and energy to bring Saskia's grandfather over to their side of things.

Back on the battlefield, Captain Canuck quickly finds himself outmatched by the alien antagonist- thus forcing Agent Ritchie to join the battle and Parminder Patel to send in some much needed reinforcements. This gives Cap the time he needs to make his final move.

The clashing titans then find themselves plummeting into the canal, where Cap discovers that his assailant is able to speak English. Once back on dry land, Pharos assures Cap that he came to Earth in peace and is looking to help them in their war against a far deadlier threat.

Back at the gala, Michael soon finds himself outclassed by Saskia's personal security, but as they look to toss his sorry butt into the icy waters of the canal, Pharos teleports into the building and grabs Michael. Teleporting back to his previous location, Pharos brings Michael to his brother, who proceeds to inform him of the alien's true reason for coming to Earth. However, just as a fragile peace is finally obtained, a unit of heavily armed HALO soldiers arrive- and they're not looking to make friends with the mysterious, hot tempered extra terrestrial.

Will the powers that be pulling the strings at P.A.C.T. and HALO be able to put their differences aside before it's too late and the invasion finally arrives?

The third issue of Captain Canuck is as fun and action-packed as those that have come before it! It's man vs. monster as Tom Evans is forced into the fight of his life - against an enemy that could actually be Earth's grandest ally during their darkest hour.

The combined talents of Andrasofszky, Loo, Chateauneuf and Harrison have combined into one of the most exciting issues of Captain Canuck to date, and we've got to admit that this title is quickly becoming one of our favorites from Chapterhouse Publishing!

If you're a fan of superheroes, aliens, top secret government organizations, high-tech gadgets, action-packed adventures or are just looking for a really good read, look no further than Captain Canuck, a book that has become essential reading for your summer season.

Rating: 4/5 - "Man and Monster clash in one of the most engaging issues to date."

Captain Canuck #3 is available now.

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!

And, if you're looking for more Chapterverse adventures, be sure to pop on over to the official Chapterhouse Publishing website.
Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!
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