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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Review: DC Comics - Plastic Man #1

That's so Wang!

Patrick "Eel" O'Brian is not your typical superhero. In fact, the only reason he is a superhero is because he's an even lousier crook. But, when he's left for dead by those he once took as his friends, he'll stretch to new lengths to bring the guilty ones to justice as Plastic Man.

However, Sammy Mizzola didn't rise to the top of Cole City's underworld by turning himself in. No, he became a force to be reckoned with by being one bad dude. So bad in fact that he's more than a little willing to dump an injured O'Brain from a moving getaway car after he finds himself doused in toxic sludge. But, Mizzola will soon learn that those chemicals didn't kill his bumbling associate, but turned him into a...unique...force for good.

One that would even make the big guns of the Justice League cringe with disgust.

Still, while Plastic Man might not be the best hero that the DC Universe has ever seen, he's going to use everything at his disposal to set matters right - or die trying. And when he's unexpectedly approached by a mysterious woman looking to hire his stretchy set of skills to take down a conniving council made up of some of the world's most heinous minds, that's when things get interesting.

And just wait until you get to the jaw-dropping twist at the end!

The debut issue of Plastic Man is a true delight! Goofy, fun, mysterious and entertaining to an extreme degree, the creative team of Gail Simone and Adriana Melo have knocked this one out of the park, and we can't wait to see what they've got planned over the next few months!

One issue in and we're hooked, eager to see DC's stretchy superhero get to the bottom of this massive mystery - and no doubt bumble about as only Plastic Man can! We've been waiting for something like this for as long as we can remember and can't thank Gail Simone and Adriana Melo enough for finally making our dreams come true!

This one's a winner in every sense of the word, guys! You'll be wanting to add Plastic Man to your essential summer reading list without delay!

Rating: 5/5 - "Stupendously goofy with a massive twist you won't see coming, this is the perfect first step in what is sure to be a major hit with fans!"

Plastic Man #1 hits newsstands today!

Don't miss it!

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!

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