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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Review: DC Comics - Green Arrow #42

The Hunt Is On!

Deep within the bowels of Stryker's Island, Oliver Queen tracks a monster. The vicious Parasite is on the loose, and he's hungry for his next victim!

Moving amongst his damp, cold surroundings, the Emerald Archer stays ever alert, knowing that if he is ambushed by the creature, it's all over. Finally coming face to face with the beast, Oliver uses every trick in his arsenal to bring Parasite down, but it is not until he mentions the inevitable return to prison that the monster shows the first signs of reverting back to its human alter ego.

Joshua Allen was a simple bike messenger until an accident changed him and his life forever! Consumed by a voracious appetite, Allen soon became the Parasite, an ungodly abomination capable of not only feeding off of the life sustaining energy of his victims, but also able to gain the powers of any superhero caught in his grasp. Despite this, Allen wants nothing more than to be helped and have his horrid condition reversed. However, although he was promised that the staff on Stryker's Island would fix him, Allen informs Oliver that he's been given nothing but pain and suffering.

Feeling sorry for the man behind the monster, Oliver promises to help reverse Allen's condition - just as a strike team arrives to stop Parasite once and for all. Oliver watches in horror as things quickly go from bad to worse, eventually having to take matters into his own hands by subduing the creature with a powerful sedative-tipped arrow that brings Joshua Allen down within seconds.

Afterwards, Oliver leans from the warden that all he had learned was true, with the authority figure informing him that they'd been forced to lock Joshua Allen away in the deepest, darkest corner of the complex in order to keep him contained and the staff of Stryker's Island safe. He is also fed a rather hard truth in the process as the warden reminds Oliver that after heroes catch the villains, they move on - leaving the threat to be looked after by ordinary men and woman who must do everything in their power to keep them locked away in an effort to preserve their own lives.

It is than that Oliver Queen realizes that sometimes the line between man and monster can all too easily be blurred.

Green Arrow #42 is a tension filled thrill ride perfectly orchestrated by the extremely talented Mairghread Scott. In this latest issue, readers are treated to a rather tense and serious tale that dares to peer deep within the darkest recesses of human nature and showcase what it really means to be a monster! It's a fantastic read worthy of the Green Arrow mythos, and easily one of the best solo issues we've come to read this year!

More often than not, readers will identify and sympathize with their heroes, but Mairghread Scott and artist Matt Clark have successfully woven their talents together into an exquisite tale that turns the tables and actually has you rooting for the villain! It's a book guaranteed to keep you on your toes, and we can't recommend it enough!

Green Arrow #42 continues one of the very best books to come out of the DC Rebirth initiative while still keeping things fresh and fun even after two full years! Whether you're a fan of DC, Green Arrow or Man vs. Monster type confrontations, then this latest issue is for you!

Rating: 5/5 - "Scott and Clark dare to peer deep within the darkest recesses of human nature and showcase what it really means to be a monster."

Green Arrow #42 hits newsstands today!

Don't miss it!

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