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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Review: DC Comics - Green Lanterns #50

Something is amiss!

Behold the highly anticipated Green Lanterns #50, a super-sized anniversary issue hitting newsstands today from DC Comics!

Within its many pages, a brand new story unfolds that sees the Guardians incapable of seeing a mysterious new darkness growing inside the Central Power Battery. Readers will join John Stewart deep within Sector 0811 responding to an unknown distress call, which results in the leader of the Green Lantern Corps beset upon by an armada of heavily armed ships - and a mysterious new foe the likes of which he has never faced before.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Jessica Cruz finds her Saturday night interrupted by the likes of Kyle Rayner and Simon Baz. They've been called back to work, impressed into the search for a missing John Stewart. They eventually make their way back to Mogo to find the planet being soaked in a terrifying storm so violent that it endangers the lives of all within.

Jumping back over to Sector 0811, we rejoin Guy Gardner and Kilowog as they locate a badly beaten John Stewart, kept alive merely due to the grace of his ring. Stabilizing their commander, Guy and Kilowog begin the long trip back home.

Back on Mogo, Jessica, Kyle and Simon desperately attempt to keep the planet from ripping itself apart. As structures crumble around them, the trio fervently search for signs of life - and it is then that Jessica happens upon Simon, holding the limp body of a fallen comrad - leading her ring to warn her that her friend cannot be trusted after committing an unspeakable act against the Corps.

The special anniversary issue of Green Lanterns is an exciting, deep space epic of the finest kind! Dan Jurgens' story is gripping and gritty, made all the more stronger by the stellar art of Mike Perkins! The issue ends on a cliff-hanger certain to have fans crying out for more, and is one of the most exciting single issues we've had the privilege of reading!

We can't recommend Green Lanterns #50 enough! It sets the stage for something truly epic, and refuses to slow down even for a second! Be sure to grab this special anniversary issue today.

You won't be sorry!

Rating: 5/5 - "A gripping and gritty deep space epic at its finest!"

Green Lanterns #50 hits newsstands today! And, you won't want to miss it!

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!

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