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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Review: DC Comics - Hawkman #2

The past comes to life.

Get ready to travel across the river of time this week in the pages of Hawkman #2. The exciting new title from DC Comics continues with a shocking confrontation that sees Carter Hall mysteriously transported through the ages  and back to ancient Egypt.

While pouring over priceless artifacts in the hopes of uncovering the identity of a mysterious and frightening new threat he believes is headed for him, the fearless archaeologist finds himself taking up the mantle of Hawkman once more - this time to confront his former self, the royal Prince Khufu, thousands of years in the past.

Seeing the hero as a threat, the pair take to the sky and weapons clash as Carter desperately tries to communicate with the young Prince. However, it is not until a recovered memory finally makes its way to the surface that the winged hero is finally able to convince Khufu of who he really is and what he wants. It is during this confrontation that Carter discovers the location of a parchment concealed within one of the hollowed out pillars of the palace. However, before he is able to retrieve it, Carter finds himself suddenly transported back to the present.

Back in the confines of the museum, Carter acts quickly and extracts the ancient artifact within the pillar - which is revealed to be a map placed there as a message from his former self. A map directing him further into the past in order to understand his future.

The newest issue of Hawkman is a fascinating second chapter in the latest adventure of archaeologist Carter Hall. Robert Venditti and Bryan Hitch have unleashed a truly satisfying second issue that fans are certain to devour with ravenous determination!

Hawkman is the fun-filled adventure DC readers have been waiting for and, with its engaging story and bold art, this latest book is one seriously exciting trip across the sands of time! If you read only one comic book this summer, you best make sure it's Hawkman!

This one not only stands above the rest, it literally soars!

Rating: 5/5 - "An exciting journey across the sands of time that effortlessly soars above the rest!"

Hawkman #2 hits newsstands today!

Don't miss it, Infinite Earths fans.

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