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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Review: DC Comics - Batman #53

God Is Above Us, and he Wears A Cape.

Get ready for one of the most powerful issues of Batman to date as Tom King and Lee Weeks take us back behind closed doors to watch as Bruce Wayne continues to plead his case in the innocence of a condemned Mr. Freeze.

Desperate to change the minds of a room full of people eager to send the villain away, Bruce must remind the people of Gotham that their Caped Crusader is not God. He's not perfect, nor infallible. He is nothing more than a man, a citizen of the city, dressed in a leather bat suit. Yes, Batman has done much good for the people of Gotham, but he's still capable of making mistakes and erring in judgement. After all, no one is perfect, right?

As Bruce continues to adjust the thinking of his fellow jurors, he also begins to re-examine his role as the Dark Knight. Soon, it becomes more than a little evident that Batman did indeed act out of pain when subduing Mr. Freeze - something that a true, righteous Savior would never do.

In the end, Bruce is able to do to the right thing and convince those in power that Mr. Freeze was not guilty. In the process, he also comes to the realization that he has in fact been humbled in the same way Job was when speaking to God, and that changes must now be made in his state of repentance. Thus, Bruce once again takes up the cape and cowl of The Batman, but in a way that is meant to put the past behind him and allow him to start anew in his quest to truly serve the people of Gotham once more!

Batman #53 is a deep and powerful look into what happens when we place our heroes on a pedestal, but also an extremely satisfying experience that sees Bruce Wayne becoming more human than perhaps we have ever seen him! King and Weeks have officially unleashed one of the most powerful and profound issues of Batman to ever hit the newsstands, and we're more than a little curious to see how the dynamic duo will top this one moving forward!

This book is a true testament to the idea of rebirth, setting The Batman on a new and exciting path that looks to reinvent the Caped Crusader and make him a more efficient tool in the defense of the afflicted and downtrodden. It's truly beautiful and poetic, and makes this one of the most surprising and satisfying story arcs to ever come out of DC Comics!

Rating: 5/5 - "A true testament to the idea of rebirth! Beautiful and poetic, this is one of the most satisfying story arcs to ever come out of DC Comics!"

Batman #53 hits newsstands today!

You won't want to miss it!

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