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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Review: DC Comics - Injustice vs. Masters Of The Universe #2

He-Man Comes To Earth.

The second exciting issue of Injustice vs. Masters Of The Universe is here, and it sees an invasion force from Apokolips arriving on Eternia to release some of He-Man's greatest foes.

Meanwhile, He-Man comes to Earth and meets the rest of Batman's team before being filled in regarding the Dark Knight's plan to take down Superman and his regime once and for all. After being briefed, He-Man and Orko head out to take a look around, and end up helping save a young woman from ending her own life. This of course alerts some of Superman's goons and He-Man and Orko soon find themselves locked in combat with the brutish Bane and contemptible Copperhead.

With a little bit of magic, our heroes best the villains and gain control of the mind altering tech being used to control the criminals against their will. Back on Eternia, Cyborg joins Man-At-Arms and Straros on a trip up to Darksmoke Prison - which they are shocked to discover has completely disappeared.

Back on Earth, Superman and Wonder Woman punish the original Batman for allowing insurgency to go unpunished after Copperhead and Bane are defeated, completely unaware that poor pathetic Skeletor is working on a plan all his own right under their noses. But, at least back on Earth, He-Man and Orko return to Batman's base with a suit of Kryptech armor and a plan! So, at least there's that!

The latest issue of Injustice vs. Masters Of The Universe puts the focus primarily on He-Man as he squares off with two of Superman's goons, but also takes some time to remind the reader that he's a true blue hero through and through! Sure, he's out of his element and fighting alongside some new and familiar allies, but that doesn't stop him from instilling some faith in the hearts of the scared and downtrodden!

This issue is inspiring and entertaining, filled with plenty of twists, turns and more than enough action to keep fans devouring each and every panel with fiery anticipation! It's all kinds of fun and still stands as one of the coolest crossovers that we've had the chance to check out this year!

Rating: 5/5 - "A beautifully heroic follow-up to last months debut issue, this one just keeps on giving!"

Injustice vs. Masters Of The Universe #2 lands on newsstands today!

Head on out and grab your copy as soon as you can! You don't want to miss it!

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!

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