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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Review: Dark Horse Comics - StarCraft: Scavengers #4

The crew makes their last stand!

Get ready for the chilling conclusion of StarCraft: Scavengers, which sees Captain Nero and his crew making one last desperate assault upon their unseen nemesis! Featuring a tense, and terrifying plot, the final issue brings out the big guns, as the survivors are picked off by a deadly monster intent on reclaiming the ship and spreading horror across the galaxy!

In the end, only one crewmember remains alive, to be used by the creature as a slave! But, before the thrilling conclusion presents itself, one young man will be forced to watch as his friends are slaughtered one by one in a chilling game of cat and mouse!

It's chilling, thrilling and an epic conclusion to one of the year's best books!

Jody Houser and Gabriel Guzman have crafted something truly terrifying in the pages of StarCraft: Scavengers, and we're more than a little sad to see it end! This is a series anyone can enjoy, and Dark Horse Comics and Blizzard Entertainment will be hard pressed to top this excellent adventure!

Thanks to everyone involved for this epic rollercoaster ride of a read, and don't be surprised to see this title surface again later in the year as part of our Best Books Of 2018 list.

To sum things up, StarCraft: Scavengers is a bloody brilliant expansion of the Blizzard Universe. This one just doesn't quit, and has quickly solidified itself as a deep space thriller of the finest kind! Do yourself a favor, and give this one a read - you won't be sorry!

And, that's our Guarantee!

Rating: 5/5 - "Chilling, thrilling and downright bloody brilliant, StarCraft: Scavengers has quickly solidified itself as one of the best books of the year!"

StarCraft: Scavengers #4 lands on newsstands Wednesday, October 31st.

Don't miss this shocking conclusion.

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