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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Review: Dynamite - James Bond Origin #2

Training Has Begun!

Britain's future super spy is back on newsstands this week in the pages of James Bond Origin.

In this exiting second issue from Jeff Parker, Bob Q and Simon Bowland, we watch as James Bond undergoes an intense training regimen in the hopes of joining his majesty's secret service.

Here, Bond will be tested as never before. Whether he's learning to defuse a bomb while live rounds of ammunition explode around him, mixing highly explosive chemicals, cracking codes, learning multiple languages, or tapping phone lines, Bond will put his best foot forward to prove above all else that he is the recruit best suited for this top secret program.

But, when the Germans successfully plant an informant within the ranks of the program, Bond will have to look to a family friend to help him keep focused on the task at hand.

The latest issue of James Bond Origin offers a fascinating glimpse into the shaping of the 007 and the man he will one day become. Throughout this issue's 25-pages, readers will watch as James Bond slowly becomes the best the United Kingdom has to offer, however this is only the beginning.

Once again, the creative trio of Jeff Parker, Bob Q and Simon Bowland have crafted a truly satisfying tale that fills in some of the gaps in Bond's past.

And we've no doubt Ian Fleming would be pleased with what they've given us!

Sure, it may not have the fast cars, femme fatales and fancy gadgets that most Bond stories do, however this series is nevertheless essential reading for fans of 007!

Rating: 5/5 - "Essential reading for fans of 007, this one offers a fascinating glimpse into the shaping of James Bond and the super spy that he will one day become."

James Bond Origin #2 hits newsstands Wednesday, October 3rd.

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