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Thursday, 22 November 2018

Review: DC Comics - Justice League Dark #5

Here There Be Dragons!

Following the events of The Witching Hour, the DCU's magical patrons have banned Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League Dark from dabbling in magic ever again.

Looking for a place to lick their wounds and regroup, the team seeks refuge within Detective Chimp's magical bar - which he has recently become owner of following the unexpected death of friend and recent business owner, Nightmastser.

Still looking to save the world, the team decides to head to the magical realm of Myrra to search for answers. However, it soon becomes evident that not everyone - including some of Detective Chimp's former friends - are happy that the new Nightmaster has shown up...

...and then there's the whole dragon thing!

The latest issue of Justice League Dark is an emotional look into the broken heart of a broken hero - one who now has a pretty large responsibility thrust upon his shoulders! The art is beautiful, offering up sweeping images of magical heroes, mystical realms and terrifying creatures the likes of which have not been glimpsed within the DC Universe for nearly a decade!

In short, Justice League Dark is an extremely satisfying, darkly gorgeous trip through the magical realms of the DC Universe. It's fresh, fun, different and one heck of a wild ride!

Rating: 5/5 - "A darkly gorgeous trip through the magical realms of the DC Universe."

Justice League Dark #5 is available now!

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