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Thursday, 22 November 2018

Review: DC Comics - Teen Titans #24

Get Ready To Bring Down The House!

Adam Glass and Bernard Chang bring one of the year's best books back to newsstands this week with Teen Titans #24 - an issue that sees the team in a rather precarious situation!

Set up by the mysterious villain known as The Other, the Titans now find themselves trapped underneath a crumbling building. Now, with Crush desperately attempting to keep the structure from crumbling down around them, the group races against the force of gravity, ever increasing muscle fatigue and getting squashed like a bug.

Realizing they're running out of time and options with a few of their members down for the count, the Titans turn to the magical Djinn to help them escape. However, when she refuses to intervene, the team begins to wonder if they have some sort of traitor in their midst.

Will the Teen Titans escape their deadly situation? Will Crush be able to keep the building from collapsing on top of her friends? Will Djinn be able to cast aside her performance anxiety and teleport the Titans to safety before time runs out? And why is Red Arrow smiling at Kid Flash like that? Find out in the pages of Teen Titans #24!

We can't heap enough praise upon DC's Teen Titans! Adam Glass and Bernard Chang continue to defy expectations, bringing forth issue upon issue of solid superhero action fans are sure to get a real kick out of! Add to that a plot immersed in mystery, some truly captivating art, and an excellent team dynamic, and you've got something truly special!

There have been a lot of great books coming out of DC this year.

But Glass and Chang's Teen Titans is in a class all its own!

Rating: 5/5 - "Glass and Chang have taken the Titans to a whole new level of awesome!"

Teen Titans #24 is on newsstands now.

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!

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