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Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Review: Dynamite - James Bond 007 #1

The Odd Job Epic Begins!

Bond is back in a brand new series from Greg Pak and Marc Laming, one set to explore the past of one of 007's most mysterious and deadliest of foes.

James Bond heads to Singapore to secure a dangerous briefcase containing unknown contents, but he's not the only one looking to secure it and get his hands on what's inside. A fellow agent is also on the case, and while he may appear to have Bond's back, his plans seem slightly more nefarious. More than capable of handling himself in the field, this man exhibits the skills if a hardened and determined killer - one who'll stop at nothing to complete his objective.

Who is this mysterious Korean mystery man? And, what does he have against Bond?

We can't say, but if they're not careful, ORU will finish the job.

Pak and Laming have kicked off the latest adventure of Agent 007 with a bang!

Bolstering an intriguing plot and plenty of gorgeous art, this debut issue not only beautifully captures Ian Fleming's classic super spy in a new and exciting way, but looks to explore uncharted territory the likes of which have never been uncovered in the years since the character's creation!

This is the right first step in what could be another solid win for Dynamite Entertainment!

Rating: 5/5 - "This is everything we could've hoped for - and more!"

James Bond 007 #1 hits newsstands Wednesday, November 7th.

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