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Thursday, 10 January 2019

Review: DC Comics - Young Justice #1

A Winner Right Out Of The Gate!

The debut issue of Young Justice is finally here, bringing the likes of Robin, Wonder Girl, Amethyst, Jinny Hex, Impulse and Teen Lantern together to confront an alien invasion.

When soldiers from the nightmare dimension known as Gemworld invade Metropolis, the young heroes reunite once more with a plan to send these new foes packing! But, little do the teens realize that this battle may be the key to the return of Conner Kent!

Packed full of gorgeous, colorful art, and an action-packed plot that plays out more like an episode of the fan-favorite animated series, Young Justice is already a winner!

One issue in and both Brian Michael Bendis and Patrick Gleason have roped us into this new series hard! Offering up a collection of classic and new heroes alike, this is the teen team up book that DC Comics fans have been waiting for! Trust us, you don't want to miss this one!

Young Justice hit the ground running, and we've no doubt fans will be devouring this debut issue with fervor while awaiting the next issue with eager expectation!

Good on ya, DC! This looks like another winner!

Rating: 5/5 - "A winner right out of the gate!"

Young Justice #1 is on newsstands today!

Don't miss it, Infinite Earths fans!

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