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Sunday, 6 January 2019

Review: Dynamite - Project Superpowers #5

The Battle Of Manhattan Continues!

Project Superpowers returns to newsstands this month with a brand new issue that sees the Golden Age heroes banding together to take down the villainous P:andora for good!

However, before they can get to the extra terrestrial big bad, Black Terror, Silver Scarab, and the rest will have to get their hands on their foe's box before he can unleash the apocalypse. The Earth's armies are powerless and the Death Defying Devil is on a rampage throughout downtown New York. Will the remaining members of the group - including the very young and inexperienced Imani, be able to stop the end of the world? And how will they handle having New York ripped right off the surface of the planet and sent hurtling into orbit?

Pick up the latest issue of Project Superpowers and find out!

Project Superpowers continues to be everything a superhero comic should be!

Rob Williams' expertly crafted story refuses to quit, brimming with action and enough twists and turns to keep readers on the edge of their seats! Meanwhile, Sergio Davila packs each page with plenty of larger than life spectacle that deserves to be up on the big screen!
In short, Project Superpowers continues to deliver month after month. It's a book that needs to be on every fans reading list heading into the New Year - one that must be seen to be believed!

Rating: 5/5 - "This Is Everything A Superhero Comic Should Be!"

Project Superpowers #5 is on newsstands now! Don't miss it for anything!

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