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Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Review: DC Comics - Justice League #17

Here There Be Dragons!

On the arid plains of a distant moon, J'onn J'onzz arranges a meeting with an unlikely ally. Looking to negotiate peace with the Legion Of Doom, the Martian Manhunter takes matters into his own hands and meets up with Lex Luthor.

As the two foes come face to face, they're forced to face their intertwined pasts in a showdown for the very fate of the Multiverse - slowly crumbling following the destruction of the Source Wall and release of a deadly new threat the likes of which they've never faced before.

However, before an uneasy alliance can be reached, a fearsome gaggle of mythological beasts arise from the planetoid's surface looking to make the two enemies their next meal. And, with Luthor's weapons on the fritz, it doesn't look as though they'll have much to defend themselves with when the time comes - and, can Lex really be trusted?

Scott Snyder's latest chapter of the Justice League saga is an essential piece of character history that expertly expands upon the mythos of two of the DC Universe's most popular characters.

An emotionally charged backstory set against a gripping fight for survival on an alien world, this is Scott Snyder at his best, aided by the stellar art of dynamic duo of Mark Morales and Jim Cheung!

An action-packed adventure that calls to mind the classic works of Edgar Rice Burroughs, the latest issue of Justice League is one of the week's must-read titles that refuses to disappoint!

Rating: 4/5 - "An emotionally charged backstory set against a gripping fight for survival, this is Zack Snyder at his best!"

Justice League #17 is on newsstands today. Don't miss it, Infinite Earths fans.

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