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Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Review: DC Comics - The Grim Knight #1

Witness The Birth Of The Grim Knight!

Today, Scott Snyder expands upon the mythos of The Batman Who Laughs with the terrifyingly brutal spinoff, The Grim Knight!

As Gordon is led away through the tunnels under Gotham City by the cold blooded killer known as The Grim Knight, he desperately attempts to discover if there is even the tiniest shred of The Batman left in this cold, calculating shell of a man - who has come from a parallel world to aid The Batman Who Laughs in a plan that'll change the face of Gotham for all time!

Along the way, readers will learn of the twisted and dark origins of this new Batman - a Bruce Wayne who decided it was better to pick up the gun and avenge his murdered parents in the bloodiest way possible! As the years tick by, we'll watch as this once happy child becomes Gotham's Angel of Death - an all encompassing eye upon the world that is never afraid to pull the trigger to keep his vision of Gotham alive and well.

However as his chilling secret origin finally comes to an end, jolting readers back to the present as a frightened Jim Gordon looks for any way to escape what he knows is coming, we once again encounter the puppet master behind this foul plot - one which The Batman Who Laughs ensures his victim is far worse than death!

All we can say after reading The Grim Knight is Wow! This is one seriously slick story that offers up a dark and twisted take on the origins of The Dark Knight! A fantastically frightful love letter to Frank Miller's beloved Year One, this is an action-packed spectacle that takes a long and hard look at what would've happened if Bruce Wayne had simply picked up the gun!

The imagery within also packs a serious punch, playing off the classic panels of David Mazzucchelli and giving them some very real, very brutal tweaks that show how even the smallest of choices can shape a person's past - and influence their future!

The Grim Knight is an Insanely brilliant homage to the Bat books of the late 80's! Fantastic! Frightful! Downright Fierce! This is one of the best books of the week, bar none! You need to be reading The Grim Knight on this new comic book day!

Rating: 5/5 - "A terrifically twisted take on the origins of The Dark Knight!"

The Batman Who Laughs: The Grim Knight #1 lands on newsstands today.

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!

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