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Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Review: DC Comics - Superman #9

Enter The Crime Syndicate!

After passing through a wormhole, Jonathan Kent finds himself at the feet of the Crime Syndicate - a twisted, and violent version of the Justice League that hold their world in the very grip of fear.

Thrown deep within a volcanic prison, with no sunlight to charge his powers, the Son Of Superman finds himself at the mercy of Kal-El's vicious double. Tormented for days, Jon soon begins to realize just how unstable his captor really is and, with a little ingenuity, he is eventually escape his prison and take to hiding in the shadows of a new world where evil reigns supreme.

Realizing that he's the only one capable of getting back home, Jonathan makes his way toward this world's Hall Of Justice in the hopes of figuring out just where, or when, he is. However, upon entering the building, the Son Of Superman finds himself set upon by Superwoman - and she's not looking to be as merciful as Ultraman!

The latest issue of Brian Michael Bendis' Superman is loads of trippy fun! Its grim, dark and sorrowful, but with a few fingers of light spread throughout in the always loveable Jonathan Kent!

Fans are sure to eat this one up, especially those who enjoyed such strong books as Earth-3 and Forever Evil. The new issue puts just enough of a spotlight on the Crime Syndicate to have you wanting more, while promising some topsy turvy fun on an new earth permeated by darkness!

It's wildly wacky, explosively fun, and a generally terrific tome worthy of Superman!

Rating: 4/5 - "Grim and dark with a brimming beam of light at its center in the always loveable Jonathan Kent."

Superman #9 is available today.

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