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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Review: DC Comics - Batman #68

Who's Ready For The Ultimate Party?

As Batman's brain continues to torture him, Tom King and Amanda Conner present a gloriously goofy issue that offers up glimpses at the parties that never were.

Presented as a rather humorous double narrative, this all-new issue follows Lois Lane and Selina Kyle on an alcohol fueled adventure through the Fortress Of Solitude on the eve of Batman and Catwoman's wedding. And, whether they're sampling 37,000 different bottles of booze, chillaxing in the Pleasure Pool, or being treated to their own private Superman strip show, this will be an evening these two ladies won't soon forget!

Meanwhile, Bruce and Clark spend an evening at Wayne Manor that is slightly less wild. Comprised of chess, soup and sports, it's a slightly more laid back night - one that ends with the Man Of Steel hitting the Caped Crusader with a very hard, and relevant, truth about why Selina left him on that rooftop in Gotham City.

While lighthearted and loads of fun, the latest issue of Batman also offers up some pretty sad truths about The Dark Knight. This one offers up a healthy helping of hard hitting honesty that succeeds in adding to the complex puzzle that is Bruce Wayne, while Amanda Conner's art is big, bright and absolutely joyous to behold on the printed page!

This is another seriously fun issue within Tom King's run on Batman, one which is unafraid to have a little fun while also exploring the sad truths behind Gotham's timeless hero! It's bright, bold fun, unexpected in more than a few ways, and a welcome addition to the 80 year legacy of Bob Kane and Bill Finger's iconic crime fighter!

Rating: 4/5 - "Bright, bold fun with a healthy helping of hard hitting honesty!"

Batman #68 hits newsstands today.

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