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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Review: DC Comics - Catwoman #10

 She's Going To Get It All Back!

Selina has her hands pretty full these days! Not only is she taking care of her sick sister, but also has a bone to pick with Penguin, and a plan in place to execute another impressive heist!

But, before she can carry out her plan, Selina must meet up with a high profile art expert who's not exactly looking to maintain a noticeable profile amongst the city's slightly less reputable folks.

Meanwhile, as election season draws ever closer, an old Creel family foe returns to Villa Hermosa in the hopes of clawing her way back to the top of the city's hierarchy once more! It's quite clear Selina has a pretty full plate ahead of her, so here's hoping she can stay one step ahead of the rest - because failure is not an option.

The latest issue of Catwoman feels very much like an early episode of Heist. It sets the stage for something bigger, throws a returning big bad back into the mix, and introduces some new faces. At the same time, it only gives enough away to keep fans in eager expectations of what's to come, while cramming plenty of pretty panels onto its numerous pages.

It's tense and thrilling, with a mystery at its core that continues to beg being solved! You're certain to walk away from this latest issue plenty satisfied, but crying out for more as it ends on an exciting cliff hanger fans are sure to love! Joëlle Jones has once again breathed new and exciting life into this on again/off again series, and helped Selina find her footing once more!

Rating: 4/5 - "Tense And Thrilling! This one offers plenty of fun to come!"

Catwoman #10 hits newsstands today.

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