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Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Review: DC Comics - The Green Lantern #6

This One Is The Bomb!

Still under the guise of a Blackstar operative, Hal Jordan is commanded to show his loyalty by killing off Adam Strange in a dual.

After completing the task, Hal is summoned to the chambers of Controller Mu, who demands Hal unlock the secrets of the Power Ring for him, or face unrelenting torture! Refusing to do so, Hal is shocked to discover that Mu knows the truth behind Jordan's actions, and prepares to fight his way to the devastating u-bomb that the terrorist looks to unleash upon the galaxy!

It is then that friends arrive to give Hal Jordan a hand, but even after Mu is downed, the weapon continues to count down to detonation. With only seconds to spare, Hal recalls the instructions given him by the Guardians Of Oa - do whatever it takes to save the universe, even if it means offering up your life.

The Green Lantern continues to be one seriously entertaining read! Recalling to mind some of the best books of the Silver Age, Morrison and Sharp have created a book that's truly worthy of Hal Jordan's timeless legacy! A superbly crafted adventure that embraces the science fiction side of things to give fans an exceptional modern era classic!

This is a thrilling, exciting and superb tale the likes of which has not been seen in years! Fans will be hard pressed to find a book that quite so embodies the adventurous spirit of the corps quite like The Green Lantern!

Rating: 5/5 - "With its distinct Silver Age flair, The Green Lantern continues to soar to new heights month after month!"

The Green Lantern #6 hits newsstands today! Don't miss it, Infinite Earths fans!

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