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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Review: DC Comics - Superman #10

The Hunt For Grandpa Begins!

The tenth issue of Brian Michael Bendis' Superman is here, and sees Jon Kent finally finishing off his story of his travels across space and time.

After nearly clashing with members of the Crime Syndicate, Jon finds himself reunited with grandpa Jor-El. Blasting away from that darkened parallel world, Jor-El soon proves that his sanity has continued to slip away after entering the wormhole to look for his grandson.

Demanding answers, Jon's trip is far from done when a trio of deadly Phantom Zone escapees attack Jor-El's ship, and send Jon back to Earth where he is soon reunited with his parents once more. But, this adventure is far from over!

The latest issue of Superman offers up an action-packed and satisfactory end to the travels of Jon Kent. It's filled with some seriously spectacular imagery that's a joy to behold with all senses engaged, however this latest issue plays out more like something from director Michael Bay. It's not without heart, but seems to focus more on larger than life spectacle above all else.

This is not to say it's a bad issue, we just feel it lacks sufficient substance, and could've just been a little bit better. Don't get us wrong, we really do enjoy this book, and the art within is plenty pretty, but we just found this latest fell somewhat short compared to what has come before.

Rating: 3/5 - "Dark and somber, this latest issue was good, but could've been so much more."

Superman #10 hits newsstands today.

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