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Check out our Latest YouTube Videos!

Friday, 30 November 2012

Dr. Wu Prime Wheeljack Upgrade Kit Coming 2013

     Third party company, Dr. Wu, is set to release an upgrade kit for Transformers Prime Deluxe Class Wheeljack in the new year!

     Although an already impressive piece on its own, this new upgrade kit will feature EX Blades, made up of a new metal material, that will replace the twin swords packed alongside the original figure.

     On top of that, the Dr. Wu upgrade set will also include grenades and a hand cannon to make the figure more accurate to its cartoon counterpart. Although no pre-orders or pricing have been announced at this time, the company has stated that the kit should be ready for purchase some time in January, 2013.

     Until then, enjoy the photos posted below, which show off the sets upgraded EX Blades...

     More on this exciting new product as it becomes available...


Headrobots Skel-E-Tron Upgrade Kit Available Now

     The latest upgrade set from Headrobots is now available for order at! This extremely limited set, which will only have 200 pieces, is an upgrade set for the 2012 Botcon Gigatron Voyager Class figure.

     Similar to the Headrobots Blood kit released for Revenge of the Fallen Voyager Class Bludgeon, the Skel-E-Tron upgrade kit will come complete with two new swords and a new head for your Botcon Gigatron figure.

     Fans who grew up in the 1980's will no doubt notice that this new upgrade kit takes its inspiration from another popular 80's franchise character - Skeletor from Masters of the Universe. Headrobots created this set to pay homage to the popular character, even going so far as to package the pieces on a special Masters of the Universe-esque card.

     Remember, this set is available for use only with the 2012 Botcon Gigatron figure and will have an extremely limited run of only 200 pieces. If you haven't already, order your set now from Amazon! The set will only set you back $29.99...

NECA Reveals Rocky Series 3 Figures

     NECA has revealed two new additions to their popular line of 7-inch Rocky figures! From 1982's Rocky III, feast your eyes on Rocky Balboa and Clubber Lang!

     This year marks the 30th anniversary of Rocky III, in which the Italian Stallion is beaten bloody by the larger, hungrier Clubber Lang. Thus, it is no surprise that NECA's newest line of Rocky figures celebrates the film - and in a BIG way.

     The Clubber Lang figure is being praised by NECA as the best addition to the Rocky line yet. Standing 7-inches tall, the figure will be fully poseable and, as can be seen by the pictures posted below, highly detailed.

     Rocky Balboa is the fourth figure the character has received, so far, through the line. Based on his appearance in Rocky III, this newest figure stands over 6-inches in height, and, like Clubber, Rocky is both fully poseable and highly detailed.

     The figures are slated for release in 2013, yet no official release date has been given at this time...

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

NECA Unveils New Quarter Scale Predator Figures

     NECA recently posted new images for their upcoming second series of quarter scale Predators figures to their official site!

     For those who may not remember, when the first series of 1/4 scale Predator figures was first revealed, fans went crazy! Both the quarter scale Warrior Predator and Masked City Hunter Predator became must-haves for fans. So, naturally, with the success of Series 1, it's no surprise that NECA has decided to move forward with yet another wave of the popular scaled down creatures.

     First up, the Guardian Predator from Predator 2: This movie accurate figure features separate body suit netting, over 25-points of articulation and interchangeable hands. By way of accessories, the Guardian Predator comes packaged alongside a throwing disc and telescoping spear.

     Next up is the Unmasked City Hunter Predator, also seen in Predator 2: This figure is based off the main creature featured in the film, but with the mask removed. Like the Guardian Predator, this figure also sports over 25-points of articulation, come complete with separate body suit netting and interchangeable hands. He also comes packaged alongside a telescoping spear and throwing disc.

     Look for these most impressive quarter scale Predator figures to be available for purchase in January 2013. And stay tuned for further additions to the second series the closer we get to the new year...

New Revoltech Avengers Mark VII Iron Man Figure Revealed

     Hey, Marvel Fans! Tokusatu Revoltech has released pictures of their upcoming Mark VII Iron Man figure! Based off the characters appearance in last summer's blockbuster hit, The Avengers, this new figure stands over 6-inches tall and features 23-points of articulation.

     This rather impressive looking figure will also come complete with two sets of interchangeable hands, a display base, and two separate pulsar effects for each hand!

     The figure is slated for release to comic and online retailers at some point next year, but as of this writing, there has been no release date given.

     As always, we will have more on this exciting story as it develops!